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Moto Morini looks to the 1960s to revive the vintage dirt bike styling with all the technology of today in the Scrambler 1200.Designed by Marabese to “evoke the glory days of the big capacity dirt bikes of the 1960s,” the new Moto Morini 1200cc Scrambler now has a cool ice white and red color scheme, plus a range of styling accessories for those who want to stand out even further from the crowd.

Like many other manufacturers, Moto Morini realizes it can take some profit from custom parts as well as the main machine. So for those for whom a high-mount twin-tapered silencer, a large round headlight crowned by a mini fairing, and 19" front/17" rear wheels shod with Michelin Anakee2 hybrid tires is not enough, they can add factory fit items to make it appear even more purposeful and protect it off-road. These include black steel grills to protect the front headlight and an alloy skid plate that covers the exhaust down pipe. In addition, for the really authentic competition/adventure look, is a plastic race number holder.

insiders suggest that the Supermoto version of the Granpasso enduro could break cover at the Milan show, having been seen testing recently.
The Italians Like to give Detail A little Extra finish and that just makes this Bike Look like a Mean Head Banger ready to take on anything one can chuck at it.


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