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BMW K1300R

Making a significant departure from traditional sports motorcycle concepts, BMW proudly presented the “most powerful naked bike of all times” at the 2004 INTERMOT Motorcycle Show: the BMW K 1200 R.
Ever since it has been a well-known fact that BMW is by all means willing and able to openly demonstrate extreme power and extroverted design in genuine style. Now the significantly upgraded successor to the BMW K 1200 R is making its world debut at the 2008 INTERMOT Motorcycle Show in the BMW Urban Encounter World – the new K1300R, the most powerful naked bike BMW has ever built.
Developing a maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) and weighing exactly 243 kg (536 lb) with a full tank, this extravagant Power Roadster, one of the most powerful and dynamic machines in its segment, fulfils the greatest demands in terms of riding dynamics without in any way neglecting the particular wishes and preferences of the BMW customer in terms of safety, equipment and riding comfort.
The K1300R Power Roadster is a high-performance riding machine offering a perfect blend of performance, riding safety and technical features carried over from the K 1300 S. So while the drivetrain and running gear are carried over from the K 1300 S, they have been modified in this case to meet the particular requirements of a large-capacity naked bike.

The most significant and outstanding considerations in developing the K1300R were indeed to offer the rider supreme riding pleasure combined with equally outstanding safety on the road as well as the most sophisticated design features and an extroverted, masculine look.
Suspension geometry has been upgraded to an even higher standard than on the previous K 1200 R and it gives the K1300R even greater agility combined with the same high standard of riding stability as before.
The basic technical data on the suspension are now the same as on the K 1300 S. In comparison with the previous K 1200 R, the BMW Duolever front-wheel suspension is now slightly lower, with the wheelbase of the new model being correspondingly longer.
The guide ducts on the engine have likewise been modified for the new machine, with maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp); almost the same as on the K 1300 S. Quite generally, both engine output and torque have been increased significantly over the previous model, while the shorter final drive ratio of 2.91 versus 2.82 on the K 1300 S likewise has a positive impact on the acceleration and pulling power of the new machine.

BMW K1300R Technical Highlights – an Overview:Even more dynamic, particularly at lower and medium engine speeds, thanks to the increase in engine capacity. Engine output 127 kW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque 140 Newton-meters (103 lb-ft) at 8, 250 rpm. Increase in torque by more than 10 Newton-meters (7.4 lb-ft) all the way from 2,000–8,000 rpm. Newly tuned Digital Motor Electronics to fulfill the highest environmental standards. Optimized charge process for greater performance and lower fuel consumption. Optimized exhaust system with a new rear-end muffl er and electronic flap control as well as a fully controlled three-way catalyst. Desmodromic operation of the power application function to improve dosage of engine power. Even greater riding precision combined with maximum riding stability ensured by the optimized Duolever front wheel suspension with a newly designed longitudinal arm at the bottom. Firmer spring/damper set-up for even better feedback to the rider. Supreme handling ensured by optimized suspension geometry, optimum mass distribution and a perfectly balanced overall concept. Second-generation ESA II electronically adjustable suspension and ASC anti-spin control as an option. New, innovative generation of control switches with optimized ergonomics. Optimized, maintenance-free shaft drive with a new two-stage drive shaft. HP Gearshift Assistant for shifting up without the slightest interruption of power and traction available as an option. Wide range of standard features and accessories tailored to the K1300R, all offering the usual supreme qualities of a BMW.


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