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Yamaha R1.

The YZF-R1 is a legend of the supersport world, an acclaimed one-litre performer that’s become a motorcycling icon, an all-powerful World Superbike race-winning machine that’s also a monument to the power of beauty. The R1’s performance is electrifying and yet what makes this motorcycle truly remarkable is its superbly rider-friendly character because Yamaha’s avant-garde, race-bred technology puts you confidently in control.

This bike has been designed to go fast; it handles, accelerates and brakes phenomenally well, All aspects of the R1 are refined and polished so that as a package it is an astonishingly quick bike, but because it does it so easily, it's not as much fun as you had hoped. If you want a bike that will get from A to B as quickly as possible and with the minimal fuss, then a 1000cc sports bike is what you want. But it's probably not the
most exciting way of doing it. I reckon I'd have more fun on an SV650S. The R1 is so well engineered that the sensation of speed is lessened. 50 feels more like 30, 100 more like 70. Riding around town, it's easy to be enthusiastic with first gear (apparently this bike will do a ton in first), and find you're doing 50 in the blink of an eye. It's like introducing a car to a nation that still has horse drawn vehicles; it's just in another league. If you buy one of these, you absolutely have to take it on a track to get your money's worth, and get the desire to speed out of your system.


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