Live to Ride and Ride to live Free.

Big is actually an understatement when you first get a glimpse of the 2009 Triumph Rocket III Classic. In fact, it isn't far to say that this bike exudes more than its fair share of intimidation both to potential riders and would-be challengers. Acres of chrome dripping from an engine that overwhelms the senses casts a reflection of the world that the 2009 Triumph Rocket III Classic apparently intends to conquer. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and one look makes it clear that if you're seeing your own reflection in the gleaming chrome of the 2009 Triumph Rocket III Classic, it's already ensnared your soul. It's just too big to dismiss- too big to walk away from. "How does it ride?" you catch yourself asking. The answer is "better than you've ever dreamed." That engine that you're staring into is Triumph's masterpiece- a 2,294cc beast that cranks out an awe-inspiring 140 horsepower and tire-shredding 147 ft/lb of torque. Liquid cooled, the 2009 Triumph Rocket III Classic is still an in-line triple, true to the Triumph brand. With Dual overhead Camshafts and Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, this bike has all the dependability you expect while affording the rider a truly unforgettable ride. A five-speed gearbox is all that is necessary, as this bike pulls steadily in first gear well into the cruising range, and five is soft and loapy at sixty-five MPH. A shaft drive completes the drivetrain.


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