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The radial engine is a thing of beauty and it looks like several other folks think the same thing. After I posted the radial motorcycle yesterday, I contacted Rotec Engineering, makers of these 7 cylinder radial engines, and according to them, there are at least 4 of these projects in various stages of completion at the present time. Yesterday's bike and this one as well seem to be a bit short of running. I see no provisions for exhaust yet and no front brakes. This bike has no handlebars either so we're still in the building stage. At first glance, you wonder if these guys are serious but these do seem to be real works in progress.

Additional closeup photos on yesterday's post show exhaust pipes behind the engine and at least a foot brake pedal so it may be running as is.

This longitudinal engine arrangement seems more natural for a motorcycle, better clearance for cornering, however, cooling the rear cylinders would definitely be a problem. Yesterday's transverse arrangement is great for cooling and correct for the engine's design but it presents clearance problems, not only straight up for the bottom cylinder but when leaned in either direction, as well.

 I can't believe these bikes will be much more than showpieces when done, who could actually ride them? Still, I think radial engines are among the best looking engines ever designed and these Rotecs are small enough to put in all sorts of different things, airplanes look great with a big radial out front but there are always cars, trucks, boats, you name it. But you have to give these guys credit, a radial engined motorcycle, superb!


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