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Naked essentiality.
When you choose to ride the Monster, you're not just choosing a bike, but an entire lifestyle. A desire to experience the exhilaration of naked power from an iconic motorcycle.
The ‘less-is-more’ philosophy that made the Monster a motorcycling icon is now further enhanced to redefine your naked expectations. Less weight plus more torque equals fun-filled riding.
MY2010 sees the Monster 696 with new exhaust guards, new engine crankcases and adjustable levers in addition to a brand new ABS version.
The exciting introduction to the Monster family for 2010 is the ABS equipped versions of the 696 and 1100 (basic and S), the first time that Ducati has ever equipped the Monster family with a safety-enhancing anti-lock braking system.
Other 2010 introductions to the Monster family include new exhaust guards, which feature a longer shape and provide improved heat protection and brand new crankcases for the 696, which are an impressive 1.2kg (2.6lb) lighter. In addition, user-friendliness of the controls has been improved with 4-point adjustable clutch and brake levers to suit all hand sizes.

For the first time since its debut, both the 696 and 1100 Monsters will be available with ABS (anti-lock braking system).
The ABS developed by Ducati and applied to the Monster family is the most sophisticated version available in the world of motorcycling. Designed to reduce the risk of wheel-locking under heavy braking or when braking in low grip conditions, the system reads wheel speed data from phonic wheel sensors to detect wheel lock. If a wheel speed falls below a specific safety limit, the control unit immediately reduces the brake system pressure to the appropriate calliper to avoid wheel lock. The pressure reduction on each individual braking circuit is activated by electronically controlled valves, which then close as the wheel speed moves away from a locking scenario.
Unlike the majority of motorcycle ABS set-ups, this system has the advantage of ensuring a more natural braking 'feel' for the rider.

Monster ART.
The Monster has proven itself as the Ducati that most inspires and stimulates the art of personalisation. Designers, artists, actors, singers and, above all, bike fans from all over the world have been moved by the Monster to create their very own "two-wheeled work of art".
The link between the Monster and the world of art appears again and again. Spontaneous shows dedicated to the interpretation and personalisation of the Monster are countless, with news of competitions, exhibitions and "customisations" of every kind, from all around the world, filling the pages of important sector and lifestyle magazines. This incredible phenomenon, that in sixteen years has seen the Monster receive worldwide acclaim as a symbol of "coolness" and modernity, has motivated Ducati to initiate a project that celebrates and highlights the great artistic potential of this bike. "Colour Therapy" represents the first stage of the Monster ART project. Ducati with Colour Therapy offers ten new colour options: "Rosso GP" Red, "Verde Tricolore" Green, "Giallo Ducati" Yellow, "Lilla Glamour" Lilac, "Blu Italia" Blue, "Azzurro Mediterranei" Azure-Blue, "Arancione Scrambler" Orange, "Amaranto Glossy" Rich Purple, "Argento Vivo" Silver and "OroPuro" Gold. In Italy, France and Spain, you can choose all the new colour options at an additional price when purchasing the bike, or they can be purchased separately as a Ducati accessory (tank cover, mudguard, micro-bikini fairing and seat cover).

The 10 "Monster ART Kits" gives Monster owners the freedom to change the bike's colour at any time, so while today feels right for a classic colour, tomorrow just might call for a trendier shade. And changing the colour of the bike couldn't be simpler: In just 10 minutes the Monster can be totally transformed.
In 2008 the debut of the Monster 696 began a new era. The 2010 version maintains the same design and technical specifications as the original, but now there's an additional feature: ABS. The optional ABS system is equipped with new adjustable brake and clutch levers, and a new silencer guard design.
Enhancing the "less-is-more" philosophy that has made the Monster a global legend, the Monster 696 continues to redefine expectations.
Every finely engineered element of the chassis and engine is on display, allowing the true beauty of the 696 to be showcased for all to see. Naked ambition has never been so graphically exposed.
With its thinner waistline and wide handlebars, the Monster 696 provides unrivalled ergonomics for all riders, whether cruising the concrete jungle or carving through canyon asphalt.
The Monster 696 strikes a carefully designed balance between performance and everyday usability, appealing to a wide range of riders as a result.
With identical chassis technology to Ducati's World Championship MotoGP bike and the proven power and flexibility of the legendary Ducati L-Twin engine, the Monster 696 is as comfortable in city traffic as it is on the open road.

In the seat of the 696
The riding position of the Monster 696 has been specifically designed to put the rider firmly in control. With its low 770mm (30.3in) seat height, easy-to-reach handlebar position and feather-light controls every rider will find it easy to master.
The new user-friendly brake and clutch with 4-point adjustable levers provide easy-to-reach control for all hand sizes.
Visually simple digital instrumentation provides an array of data on command or, at a glance, just speed and revs. Information available at your fingertip include: scheduled maintenance warning, oil temperature, air temperature, trip odometer, lap time, fuel reserve, warning light for low oil pressure, turn signals, over-rev warning, immobilizer and neutral warning light. The system is also ready for DDA (Ducati Data Analyser, which is the official Ducati Data Acquisition System). All this information can be accessed without removing a hand from the handlebar as the scroll function is ingeniously mounted on the left-hand handlebar switchgear.
The heavily tapered and deeply sculpted fuel tank cover allows maximum comfort and control. The narrowing of the 'waist' area of the 696 has the same effect as lowering the seat height, making it easier to get both feet flat on the ground. Compared to previous models, the 696 has a completely new ride position, allowing superior control and offering increased levels of comfort.
Careful attention to every detail has led to a substantial weight saving, making the Monster 696 the lightest bike in its class at an impressive 161kg (355lb) dry.
Passenger comfort and safety are also carefully considered, with neat, under-seat grab handles moulded into the seat unit itself. This solution maximises pillion security without detracting from the legendary Monster 696 styling.


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