Live to Ride and Ride to live Free.

Ride safely. Most parents recite this and italian folks are no different,
so it's no surprise that the heart of the Streetfighter is Ducati's tried and tested liquid-cooled 1099cc L-twin engine as used in the 2008 Ducati 1098 superbike. The Streetfighter S however

is the first naked sport bike equipped with competition-level traction control as standard equipment. Accessible from the left-hand switchgear and displayed on the digital instrumentation, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) offers a choice of eight ‘sensitivity levels’, each one programmed with a wheel-spin tolerance matched to progressive riding levels of skill.

When activated, the system analyses front and rear wheel speeds to detect the level of wheel-spin, instantly evaluating the Streetfighter’s ‘dynamic situation’ before administering two types of interaction in varying amounts: ignition retardation and fuel injection cuts. DTC understands exactly how the Streetfighter is being used. From slow mid-corner acceleration with serious lean angle to high speed corner exits while almost upright, the intelligent system reacts according to each and every situation, enhancing performance and maximising control.


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